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How to Help Kerry Greyhounds UK

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Have you room on your sofa for a greyhound? Please consider fostering or adopting!

There are several ways in which you can help us help greyhounds. Some of them are listed below. If you have any other ideas please contact us.

If you can offer a home to one or more than one greyhound please look at our adoption page for more information.

Practical help is always welcome, particularly fostering. Fostering is an extremely rewarding way of helping a greyhound settle into a domestic environment whilst a foster home can be great for a dog who for a variety of reasons cannot physically thrive in kennels e.g. a dog needing nursing back to health. For people who cannot offer a lifelong home to a dog or if you want to see what living with a greyhound is like, the reward of seeing your charge going off to a new future as a happy, well adjusted dog is a very rewarding experience.

Transport is another really useful resource. If you have your own estate car or van and would be willing to be an occasional driver, or if you would be willing to drive our van, please contact us

Donations & Fundraising
We are always in need of funds to increase the work we do to help greyhounds. If you feel you could make a donation, no matter how small, please contact Bron on our contacts page or simply click on the Paypal donation button on the front page. It's simple and safe! If you would like to help fundraise, either by organising your own event or collection, or by helping us at an event then please do get in touch!

Letter writing
We need people to write letters to help promote greyhound welfare, for example to the Spanish Government about the abuse and killing of greyhounds and galgos in Spain. Also to write to your MP on a regular basis about animal welfare issues including greyhound welfare issues. We can provide standard letters to start you off. Please get in touch with Bronwen for more information.

We have lovely posters available if you know anywhere to display one or more! We can send you some in the post. We also have leaflets we can send you if you can distribute them. Please contact Bronwen to discuss how you would like to help.

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