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1 The first step is to fill in our homing application form. The questionnaire helps us to know about your lifestyle, working hours, any children and pets, and it also helps you to think about what is important to you in a dog.

2 When you have returned the completed questionnaire to us, we contact you by phone or email to make a time to come and meet you to carry out a home visit. This is an informal visit to talk through the information on your questionnaire, and to answer any questions you may have.

3 Photos and some information about most of the dogs in our care are on the I Need A Home! page. If all goes well with your homecheck and we have a suitable dog for you already we will ask you if you would like to go and meet the dog.

4 If you have cats and need a cat friendly greyhound, we may not have one already in our care and there may be a wait to get the right dog for you. We will talk about this at the homecheck visit. We prioritise homes in the Norfolk/Suffolk area for cat friendly dogs so that we are on hand to visit to help with any settling in issues.

5 Every dog we rehome has been neutered, vaccinated and wormed. He or she has also had a veterinary check.

6 These treatments would normally cost around £350 - £500 if you had to have them done at your vet. In addition we have transport costs to bring the dogs to us.

7 You will need to have a secure garden with fencing of at least 5 foot, preferably 6.

8 We do not re-home dogs to families with children under the age of 10 years.

9 We do not re-home dogs where they will be left for more than 3-4 hours on a regular basis without a toilet break.

10 We ask you for a donation of £175 for your dog to help towards our costs, which we ask you to donate when you adopt your dog. This is a guide of the amount which we think is reasonable, although it does not cover the costs we have incurred in getting your dog to you. The adoption donations we receive forms a significant part of our income, without these we would not be able to continue to do our work. We are happy to accept a cheque. These are payable to Kerry Greyhounds UK please.

11 The amount you give is a voluntary donation, it is not a fixed amount. We ask you if you are a UK tax payer, if you will ‘gift aid’ your donation. This means we can claim back from the Inland Revenue the tax that you have already paid on the money you donate. This does not cost you anything but it does benefit Kerry Greyhounds. We will discuss this with you when we complete the adoption paperwork with you.

12 You must be sure that you will be able to afford the cost of looking after a dog, particularly the cost of vet bills, food and pet insurance.

13 If you are adopting a puppy you will need to agree to cover the cost of having him/her neutered.

14 We ask you to sign an adoption agreement when you adopt a dog from us. This is a standard agreement similar to that used by most rescue organisations, and includes an agreement that if things don’t work out with your dog for any reason and the problems can’t be resolved, you will hand the dog back to us. We can give you a copy of our adoption agreement to read at any time if you’d like one. You will be given a copy when you adopt a dog from us. We will also give you your dog’s vaccination card and microchip number/information.

15 You need to buy a collar and lead, an engraved ID disc, dog food and bowls, and a bed, before your dog comes into your care. We sell collars, leads and coats to help raise funds. Raised dog bowls should be used for greyhounds.

16 You will need to register your dog with a vet, although your dog will not usually need to see a vet when they first come to you as all veterinary treatment will be up to date.

17 We ask you to confirm that you will take out pet insurance with a minimum veterinary fee cover of not less than £7,000 oer annum, and to advise Kerry Greyhounds of this within 7 days. We need to know the insurance company and the policy number and be updated about this on an annual basis. All dogs under 8 years will come with a voucher for 4 weeks free pet insurance through Pet Plan.

18 A few days after your dog has come to live with you we will phone you to find out how the dog is settling in, and then again at intervals. If you have any questions or any problems we ask you to phone us for advice at any time. If you are happy to let us have a photo of your dog in his or her new home we like to show these on the our Facebook page.

19 And last but not least, we hope that you enjoy your new family member/s and that you have many happy years together!

For more information or just a chat please contact Bronwen on 075 000 62648 or email