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  Greyhound Colour Chart 

Greyhounds as Pets

Suggested Reading

Greyhounds actually come in many colours brindle, black, red, fawn, or a combination of these colours with white. The 'official' greyhound colours are shown below but many other variations exist.

brindle black brindle black white
Brindle  Black Brindle  Black and White 
blue blue brindle light brindle
Blue  Blue Brindle  Light Brindle 
dark brindle fawn brindle fawn
Dark Brindle  Fawn Brindle  Fawn 
dark red black light red fawn
Dark Red  Black  Light Red Fawn
white brindle red fawn red white
White and Brindle  Red Fawn  Red and White 
white brindle tick red brindle white black
White and Brindle Tick  Red Brindle  White and Black